Fitness Club Chain Boosts Nationwide Presence with $13 Million in Financing from Wingspire Equipment Finance

Tustin, California, June 24, 2024 – Wingspire Equipment Finance, a leading equipment finance provider for private equity-backed, middle market companies, announces that it has extended $13,000,000 in committed capital to a growing chain of full-service fitness clubs. The sponsor’s portfolio company, operating a chain of over 50 fitness club locations nationwide, is considered one of the country’s top 20 largest health club operators.

The financing was structured as an operating lease and facilitated by Wingspire Equipment Finance. This will allow the fitness company to acquire cardio machines, free weights, strength training stations, AV equipment, lockers, and furniture for new locations. The operating lease structure also covers equipment acquisition soft costs. Wingspire Equipment Finance designed a financial package to meet the equipment needs of each new location and support the company’s overall growth strategy.

The fitness company previously faced challenges securing financing for its new locations, as lenders were hesitant due to the perceived risks associated with the industry. However, Wingspire Equipment Finance demonstrated confidence in the company’s operations and secured the capital to outfit nine new locations. With Wingspire Equipment Finance’s funding, the fitness company is projected to outperform the industry and continue to grow its top-line revenue by expanding its membership base in its new facilities.

“We are excited to announce the successful funding of this opportunity, which significantly bolsters our client’s nationwide footprint,” said Erik Blanch, Vice President of Business Development at Wingspire Equipment Finance. “This investment reflects our commitment to support businesses that contribute to health and wellness in our communities. We look forward to their continued expansion and are proud to be part of their journey impacting people’s lives through fitness.”

Wingspire Equipment Finance empowers fitness clubs with the capital to upgrade and expand their facilities. With keen insight into the unique challenges and requirements of the fitness industry, Wingspire Equipment Finance supports fitness clubs in achieving their growth plans while maintaining their financial health.


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